Big B

Indians one of the evergreen and my favorite great actor


  1. Brilliant.. You are blessed..

  2. excellent works Pruthvi.. I liked almost everything that you have done so far..

    I am interested in art too. Art ante, just painting kaadu.. but, edina Kala. I take it as my privilege to ask a fellow artist for a small request.

    Andariki telisina muhalni profiles giyyadam lo, you proved yourself very well. I was wondering if you could experiment with an unknown face and still make it look as if its very interesting...

    I am a photographer by hobby and interest. here is my link: pick up any profile picture or a landscape you like and see if it interest your to create something. And I will try to pick up one of your drawings and get similar express through my photography.

    I know, it might sound funny.. but it might be interesting to try it.

  3. Namasthe anand gaaru. Nice to meet u. Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your good opinion. I will definitely try what u are expecting from me. Plz. keep watching and i need comments and expressions of thoughts of persons through comments like you.. bye bye..:D